New clients <. Please read >

thank you for visiting, there are several points I want to touch on 😄:   
i have changed my policy on new clients, i have decided that instead of not seeing new clients, I’m changing it to I’m only accepting certain clients…..

Life is always changing,   currently my hours are limited while I finish working on my house,  Ryan also has limited hours, he is available Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons,  we are sharing my upstairs office space,  it requires climbing a flight of stairs,  please be aware that the only massage we can perform downstairs is chair massage,

As I'm winding down my career,  and time has taken its toll on me,  I have certain requirements for the clients that I work on.   I cannot emphasize enough that I am not everyone’s  kind of therapist.  I am charging $75 for one hour of healing. I feel that is a tremendous value. However, 
The first thing you should know is that I do not offer Swedish or ( spa) relaxation massage, I only offer therapeutic massage, meaning that I am here to help aid in healing  whatever your issue is …muscularly ,emotionally and mentally.  I do not run a day spa, nor is that my style in any way. .  My touch is intentional and somewhat heavy-handed.  My favorite cases to work on are people with headaches, neck stiffness, shoulder, upper back, middle back, low back , and sciatic issues, I also enjoy working with people who are stressed out, or depressed, or feel they need a reset.  My massage usually has people seeing relief before the hours up, but definitely by the end of the day you will notice a huge relief.  But as I stated earlier, if you are very delicate, I’m not for you.  ( neither is Ryan)   Please visit the Florida school of massage student clinic they are great at relaxation massage and it is very inexpensive at $33 for an hour.

#2  I do not chitchat or small talk during massage.I will happily greet you and listen to you briefly discuss your physical issues, and we will get to work on it. After that, I go into a sort of meditative state, where I close my eyes, close my listening ears and focus solely on my sense of touch and finding your muscular issues.Talking is very distracting, and it is impossible for your body to relax while you are talking.  

#3.     I can only work with people who can let me drive.    This means I need you to take a breath, let go and pretend to be in a coma. If I lift your arm, you will need to allow me to lift your arm and not “help” me. Whenever you engage your muscles when I’m working on you, it  backfeeds all that energy into me and physically hurts me.  I can not work with people who are fidgety, restless, talkative or hyperactive. basically, I need you to practice playing dead (while breathing ) for an entire hour. And for some people that is impossible.

#4.  You must possess the ability to show up at your agreed time,   Seriously,  No earlier and no later. If your appointment is at 11:00 AM, please do not enter the building more than five minutes early as I do not have a waiting room, and chances are that I’m finishing up my current massage and need the few minutes to get ready for you and Shake off the previous hours energy and refuel for your massage, this is imperative for a good massage.

I know a lot of people cannot help but arrive early, if this is you, then I suggest going for a walk around the small city of Melrose, or visiting the gift shop and art gallery downstairs.  Or sitting in your car or on the front porch.  
I am never early starting Massage so there is absolutely no need for you to be early either.             I need the five minutes between clients to myself to shake off the previous energy , and get myself ready for the next hour.   I have found that when people arrive early they will camp outside my space and  use this time to catch up on their throat clearing or tick TikTok watching .  I find this rude and offensive. I am keenly aware of the time as I make my living per minute. I assure you that you will get your full time on the table As the first thing I do when I enter the room to work on you is check the time.


i know this sounds  like a lot, but i have to work with people who gel with my personality and professional needs.  If you feel , after reading all of this that you  and I would be compatible, then please proceed to my appointment booking tab on the menu bar.

Ryan is available on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons,   he is an excellent deep tissue experienced therapist.

If neither of us are available or if you don’t feel like we would be a good match,  please consider visiting the Florida school of massage. They have two different clinics. One is a student clinic where the current students practice massage it is a bargain at $33 for 1 hour. It must be booked in advance. If you prefer a more experienced massage therapist they have several therapists that are also teachers at the school and their massages are also a bargain at $80 per hour. You can book online or call them. The website is