About Lisa

 I am a born and raised North Central Florida Native.  I was lucky enough to grow up on Santa Fe Lake, in the community known as " The Lake Area" which is comprised of several small towns including Melrose, Earleton, Waldo, Hampton, Keystone Heights, Hawthorne and Interlachen. 

  I graduated from Florida School of Massage in April 2014.  I've been practicing massage in Melrose ever since.  My style of massage has changed and evolved over the years,  I would describe my style as a more heavy handed, therapeutic massage, I'm not into the frilly, light day spa kind of massage.  

I am an intuitive healer, meaning that I am able to locate and work on the source of muscle tension without being told or shown where you are hurting,  thats exactly what happens upon first touch, I spend the first five to ten minutes doing an assessment that includes compression to get fresh blood into the muscles to see where there are obstructions and problems, after that I formulate a plan and move into a "seek and destroy" mode, where when I feel any muscle tension I stop on it and work with it until it subsides or I move on to another area to avoid overworking, but I usually revisit the problem areas several times during the hour.   My style of massage is not for everyone,  please your judgement,  If you are very delicate or unable to relax or be quiet for an hour, I am probably not your cup of tea.


For a complete bio including my educational background and approach to massage therapy, simply give me a call or send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you.