Employee Appreciation/Wellness Massage

Chair Massage For Corporate Wellness Programs

Offer your employees on-site chair massage at the workplace as part of your corporate wellness program.

Providing chair massage on a monthly or quarterly basis is a well received corporate wellness program idea.  It is a corporate wellness activity to engage your employees in stress management reduction strategies.

Chair Massage For Employee Appreciation

Chair massage is a popular way to recognize your employees and show them appreciation. Consider this for a holiday party, customer service week, administrative week, company picnic/BBQ, etc. It is also a great stress reliever for employees working on large, intense projects and implementations. When it’s difficult to get away from the office and take a break, you can bring the relief right to them. We’ve had employees tell us the only way they were able to get through the day was knowing they were going to enjoy a chair massage soon.

A mobile chair massage therapist will travel to your office location and provide chair massage services on-site.  

Chair Massage Techniques For Employees

Our therapist uses a combination of techniques such as swedish massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, and stretching.  Massage therapy helps reduce muscle tension in the body decreasing chronic pain and stress. Tightness in the muscles can contribute to headaches, sciatica, tendonitis, and low back pain.

Chair Massage Is Easy To Set-up For Your Office

Chair massage therapists will bring all of the equipment needed for chair massage at your office. Chair massage is easily set-up in a small office or conference room.  And with only a two hour minimum any size company can make corporate chair massage available to their employees.

Chair Massage For Employees Rates   (All inclusive, travel, set up and all supplies)

2 Hours = $100 per hour

3 or 4 hours = $95 per hour

5 or 6 hours  =  $90 per hour

I can accommodate small businesses with between 4 - 25 employees.    


4 Benefits of Chair Massage at Work

It’s no big surprise work can be stressful.

That’s why corporate wellness initiatives geared toward relaxation and stress release are gaining momentum.

Among the very best of these is chair massage for employees.

The benefits of chair massage at work far outweigh other popular office perks, like free snacks (which don’t help the waistline or the 2 p.m. slump), the ping pong table, and nap rooms. Massage is actually an incredibly effective, affordable, and immediately beneficial addition to the workday. This is exactly why we’re seeing companies big and small and coast to coast utilizing massage as a way to attract and retain top employees, while also keeping them healthy, efficient, and productive.

What exactly is a chair massage, and what can we expect?

In a typical chair massage, you lean forward into a massage chair, face down into a face cradle while a certified therapist massages your neck, back, and arms. There’s no special preparation or change of clothes involved, so it’s easy and convenient. No messy oils, no feeling of unease.

 Traditional massage involves lying face down horizontal, and most employees do not want to do back to work after a traditional massage. Think of the corporate wellness massage as a personal 11-25-minute spa treatment (depends) for each individual employee which meets them where they are, so they don’t have to miss extra time at work to benefit from a relaxing, rejuvenating, and therapeutic treatment. Each massage can be geared to the individual, addressing areas of tightness and tension.

1. Be good to the body

One of the most important benefits of chair massage therapy is all the good it does for the body. Every minute your employees are slumped over their keyboards is another minute they’re not sitting in proper posture. Those minutes add up when we’re straining in front of our screens for eight-plus hours a day. That’s why office workers in desk jobs so often face serious and chronic neck and back pain. It’s unnatural for the human body to be sedentary, and it’s even more unnatural to be sedentary and sitting hunched.

Chair massage is immediately beneficial and enjoyable, it also comes with lasting physical effects which contribute to total wellness long after your massage is over. The cumulative effect of even just a 15-minute chair massage routine over time can significantly reduce tension headaches, treat and prevent chronic migraines, increase circulation, and lower blood pressure, not to mention strengthen immune function. So if you want to avoid absenteeism and mounting healthcare premiums, scheduling regular chair massages for your employees may help them get through the cold and flu season without skipping a beat. Regular massage increases the activity of the body’s white blood cells—and that means they’re better able to ward off viruses. The benefit is two-fold: happier, healthier employees and lowered healthcare costs. 

Benefits of chair massage include relieving tension.

2. Free the mind

Stepping away from a mounting to-do list mid-day for a quick massage can do wonders for stress and anxiety. Stress in the workplace is a mind-body combo deal: where there’s one, there’s likely the other. Mental stress just typically goes under the radar for longer because it’s not outwardly obvious, like a slipped disc with nerve pain down the arm. The truth is though, workers are suffering from stress and anxiety in a big way in this country, and as an employer, it should be top-of-mind when considering burnout, morale, and employee retention.

Seated chair massage benefits for the individual span the mental and emotional gamut—including lowered stress, reduced anxiety, better mood, and higher energy levels.

Massage helps alleviate stress, but it’s more than just the dim lights, calming music, and healing touch helping the body to relax. Research suggests frequent massage reduces cortisol, a major stress hormone: high levels of cortisol have been linked to high blood pressure, suppressed immune system function and obesity. Yikes! Luckily you don’t need an hour-long massage to reduce cortisol levels or lower stress. Studies have found even a brief 15-minute chair massage once a week can reduce stress. But the stress-busting benefits can affect the workplace as a whole, too. When everyone at every level feels valued with a corporate wellness offering, it can break down barriers, build camaraderie, and truly create an atmosphere of teamwork and loyalty. Plus everyone getting a 15-minute de-stressing will encourage a relaxed, peaceful vibe in the office.

This environment is prone to productivity. Research shows massage improves brain power—which explains why this is such a hot trend right now. That direct correlation just may be at the heart of why roughly 15% of companies offer workplace massage, including Google, Facebook, and Amazon.

3. Get those creative juices flowing

If you want to boost creativity, relaxing the mind is key. Creative solutions are crucial to business. It’s what separates good ideas from great ones. Out of the box thinking leads to innovation and innovation is what drives any industry. When we tax our brains by continuously putting the pressure on ourselves to think and to think now, we’re missing the mark. Massage calms the mind, allowing us to step away from the problem or task at hand, freeing up space for subconscious creative thought. When your employees are given the time and the luxury of relaxation, they’ll be able to think clearer, think smarter, and think bigger.

What is chair massage?

The benefits of chair massage, from pain relief to total relaxation, are a serious treat for employees at any job, whether they’re doing heavy lifting or putting in long desk hours. Boost workplace morale, take care of your employees, and share some world-class wellness in the comfort of your office, in the middle of the workday.

4. Feel the power of a good night’s sleep

Very few employees leave their work at the office. It’s baggage they lug with them—whether bringing physical work home or the stress of a hard day. The stress of work can spill into all areas of life. It’s no wonder then Americans are so sleep deprived. Insomnia is a mounting problem, with approximately 50 to 70 million Americans suffering from sleep issues which affect their health. Sleepless nights contribute to an overproduction of the stress hormone cortisol, which can wreak havoc on the adrenals, the waistline, and the immune system, among other things. Plus, tired employees are careless employees. Without a proper sleep schedule, your workforce isn’t firing on all cylinders. Costly mistakes can happen. Morale can drop. Productivity certainly suffers.

The good news is another benefit of chair massage for employees is improved sleep. Research shows massage therapy promotes restful sleep. This is a big deal and a serious benefit. A well-rested employee is a healthy, focused, and efficient employee.