FAQs and Friendly Tips

I have been thinking about adding this section for a bunch of years now...  I am adding it now to prevent miscommunication,  disappointment  or  breaching of boundaries.   

#1  If my appointment is scheduled for (lets say) 1:30 pm , what time should I arrive?

I'm soooooooooooooooooo glad that you asked.   I will look forward to greeting you at 1:30 pm!   Please do not arrive more than five minutes early or late.  Timing is really important!   I am never ever early so there is no need for you to arrive early, it will only cause waiting frustration.      You will get your full time on the table, as the first thing i do is check the time that  I first put my hands on you.  

#2  Do you give discounts?

No, This is my only income, I don't take shortcuts or give half hearted massage.   I am a healer and feel that my rates are a bargain for the benefits received.    I have friends and family that might have expectations of a discount.   I can no longer offer this perk!  I am getting older every day, my costs are rising and I need to sell the hours of my life at a rate that is agreed upon.   Sometimes people dont realize that massage comes in other time slots other than a full hour.    If you aren't feeling the need for an hour, try 35 or 45 minutes.   My rates are as follows:   

 1 Hour Massage   =  $75

45 minutes =  $60

35 minutes =  $45


#3  It looks like you aren't working, or have taken time off?   

Not necessarily,  I have several clients who see me on a recurring weekly basis, these time slots are always closed.  Also, my schedule is usually full 3 or sometimes more days out,  sometimes there will be cancellations or vacancies in my schedule,  I urge you to book a couple of days in advance, you wont regret it.    Alternatively,  Always check my schedule for time slots less than an hour, such as the 35, or 45 minute massages.  There are plenty of times i have these times open!