Updates and changes

Life is always changing,   currently my hours are limited while I finish working on my house,  Ryan also has limited hours, he is available Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons,  we are sharing my upstairs office space,  it requires climbing a flight of stairs,  please be aware that the only massage we can perform downstairs is chair massage,

As I'm winding down my career, I feel that I should devote my hours to the people who built me and stayed with me over the past decade,   beginning in October I'm only booking with established clients,  Ryan is available to the newcomers,   he is an excellent deep tissue experienced therapist.

If neither of us are available,  please consider visiting the Florida school of massage. They have two different clinics. One is a student clinic where the current students practice massage it is a bargain at $33 for 1 hour. It must be booked in advance. If you prefer a more experienced massage therapist they have several therapists that are also teachers at the school and their massages are also a bargain at $80 per hour. You can book online or call them. The website is