About Corrie

I am so excited to be working with Lisa and grateful for the opportunity to complete a massage apprenticeship!  I became officially licensed as a massage therapist on August 17, 2018 however, I have informally been giving and receiving massage since the 1980's.  I have known many licensed massage therapists and have enjoyed trading massage with a variety of practitioners which has greatly influenced my practice over the years. In the 1990's I apprenticed with midwives and acquired a lot of hands-on massage practice with pregnant and laboring women.  I received my Reiki certification in 2007, I have been a licensed nurse since 2009 and I have only the highest healing intentions for everyone I touch.  In my practice, I integrate a variety of body work which includes Swedish massage, Trager, Shiatsu, Trigger Point and Reiki.  I look forward to meeting you and assisting you in achieving your health goals!